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Victory Vizhanska 16 ans artiste kids qui ose

Victory Vizhanska 16 ans seulement elle ose et nous fait voyager à travers le rock des années 80 et des plus grands de ce monde

Victory Vizhanska kids ose la jeune artiste qui derrière son minois de jeunes filles se cache une femme à la fois rebelle

mais aussi d’un petit ange au caractère bien trempé

son style qui lui reste incontournable don nous lavons toujours connue le rock, la pop

le bonheur cette jeune artiste la vie et la musique ainsi que la scène, tout cela est sa seule obsession

Victory Vizhanska toujours accompagné par sa maman avance à grands pas chaque jours qui passe le travail ,

 toujours un style parfois un peu disjoncté à la fois sexy , à la fois style américain selon le style

elle  fera le maximum pour interprété son personnage

mais aussi une ressemblance dans la tenue vestimentaire elle ne laissera rien passe

Victory Vizhanska est une artiste incontournable chez les kids du monde par sa voix mais aussi sont talents

et mise en scène, elle s’arrange toujours de mettre le maximum et à la fois ces idées en images

Derrière chacun de ces titres vous trouverez un moment de sensibilité ainsi que son humeur

présent qui serras mettre en scène à travers ces clips

une jeune artiste qui aime exprimer à la fois sa colère que ces amours,

à la fois des styles musicaux doux et très rock,

cette jeune demoiselle aime s’entourer de personne et de musicien qui la comprenne,

même si parfois elle peut être à la fois mi- ange mi démon mais toujours avec un côté de sensibilité et amour

vous pourrez la retrouver sur la TV kids du monde en diffusion continuellement

et la découvrir sous toutes ces coutures un artiste kid incontournable

qui a le mérite de grandir parmi les plus grands

vous la retrouverez sur tous ses liens de réseau sociaux




Ema Presents Tiana’s New Original Song In A New Vlog

On Sunday, Tiana and Ema’s new vlog, called “Vlog that should have been about Tiana’s new song” was published. The idea of ​​the video had to be, in the biggest part, Tiana’s new original. Things didn’t go as expected, since I (Ema) deviated a little from the topic and forgot to talk about the song. Really attracted by the view and … by my hair, it seemed like the song didn’t even matter anymore. Which is definitely not right. So, I am here today to fix my mistake, only after I explain you better what happened in the vlog. You can watch it here if you want an overview of it:

or here:

The sea, the shores, the spectacular cliffs, the view were purely wonderful and I couldn’t not film them! The sea was looking brilliant, the water was warm, the sun was shining and I just couldn’t miss the occasion to them. So, I filmed them… a little more that needed. Then, the cliffs were looking so sharp and dangerous and I couldn’t resist the temptation of climbing them. So, I climbed them.. a little bit more than needed. Finally, my hair, gorgeous, raw beauty, love at first sight… it was way too wonderful to not be filmed. So, I filmed it… a little bit more than needed! Trust me, if you were in my place, you would have done the same.

Since I owe you the information about the song, that I didn’t say in the vlog, I am going to say it here! Tiana’s new song is an original written… by me! But I think that you already know this! The lyrics and the melody line were made by me, but the orchestration was made by Daniel Nicolae, person that’s been working in this domain his whole life. I’m very proud of what Tiana’s second original turned out to be and… that’s mostly because of her music genius. It made the song one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life and I’m not only saying this because I wrote it!

“End Now”, the original’s going to come out in the next few days. After its release I’m going to write an article that describes what the song REALLY is about. So, stay very tuned for what’s to come!

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Ema Presents Tiana’s Emotions Before And After Going On Stage

Last week, Tiana represented the composer Claudiu Bulete, in the Festival « Mamaia Copiilor » with her first original song « Vise de  Carton » that he wrote. Tiana participated in the Creation Section of 2020, that was not held last year due to the problems created by the virus worldwide, so the competition was held this year, between the composers of the songs, not the children who were performing them.

Our little star managed to create a memorable and exciting moment, at only 11 years old. She did not only sang perfectly, but also left the stage pleased which is the most important thing out of this whole experience. You can find her performance here:

The contest was held in Constanța, Romania, and we managed to film the beauty of the city and of the Black Sea sorrounding it. This little trip was the cause to a lot of interesting vlogs sprinkled with a little fun by our jokes and Tiana’s official rubric « Big Brain Time with Tiana ». Even Tiana’s experience at this contest was inserted in vlog. Here you can see what she goes through during music competitions and how she leaves every emotion aside in order to create the unique moments she always does:

or here:

In the following vlogs, you are going to see Constanța and its resorts with your eyes and through our eyes. Keep an eye out for our next vlogs, especially the last one, which is the funniest!

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